Skin Restore Kit

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7 Day Cosmetics is made from natural ingredients and contains no hormone-disrupting chemicals. The latest innovations known in science combined with a touch of nature will make your skincare routine effective and skin healthy.

Skin Restore Kit is designed for women who want to improve their skin before a special event to look stunning.

How to use Skin Restore Kit?

  1. Apply Scrub - lactic acid peeling for 5 minutes. If your face starts turning red - rinse with water. If you see no red reaction - keep it on your face for 10-15 min, then rinse. Scrub will wash away dead skin and restart the renovation of new skin layers. Lactic acid would also soften the epidermal barrier of your skin - so that the next active ingredient can get deeper.
  2. Apply an Anti-Age mask. This mask doesn't require rinsing (if your skin is mostly oily you can rinse the mask). Apply it as a cream and leave to absorb. Your skin will get tighter because of the natural elastin received from seaweed. Your skin firmness and well as jawline will improve.

The set includes:

Full price for this set - 55 euro.
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